20 days in heaven deserved a cool video.

Here is the very first video of the first part of the Beautiful World Tour in Brazil’s Nordeste before we move to new adventures heading south…

Beautiful Nature, surfing, family quality time, and amazing aerial filming… 18′ of happiness we are happy to share;-)

Brazil Pipa 2015 photos album

Please find is this gallery some of the latest pictures of the first 2 weeks in Pipa, Brazil.

You will also find below a link to the full Photo Album if you want to see more!

You can view the full photos album here:
Brazil Pipa 2015 photos album
Baia do Formosa

Offsetting the Beautiful World Tour Carbon Footprint

Offsetting our Carbon Footprint in each region we cross

Our family objective is to offset our Carbon Footprint in each region we cross, only in emerging countries where there is also a positive social impact. The idea is to support both Carbon Sequestration project (planting trees), as well as Carbon Emissions Reduction with different types of Renewable Energy initiatives.

We have calculated our total Beautiful World Tour Carbon Emissions to 61.45 tons, accounting for traveling by airplane, car, camping car, accommodation, etc…

Beautiful World Tour Carbon Footprint

We extend our commitment to offseting the emissions of the tour by 2.5 X to “commit to the 2°C Path”, because to avoid extreme climate change beyond +2°C global temperature increase by the end of the century, it’s not about compensating what we emit to Zero, it’s about compensating for our “western country lifestyle debt” (see below for details).

While selecting the projects, we apply the following criteria:

  • Offset our total Beautiful World Tour emissions x 2.5
  • Invest in projects in each of the regions we cross
  • Invest in emerging countries
  • Look and environnemental and social impact

Cooking stoves in Honduras (Proyecto Mirador)


The Honduran cooking stove project significantly reduces demand for wood on a multi-household level, lowers fuel cost for families and has a positive impact on the global climate via forest recovery and reduction in carbon emissions.

25 Tons of CO2 emitted offsetted

Efficient cooking stoves, Honduras

Prony Windfarm in New Caledonia

New Caledonia

Rich in wind resources, New Caledonia is reducing its dependency from fossil fuel. The two wind

farms of Prony and Kafeate are using world first technology to green-up the national grid and provide

socio-economic improvements for the communities.

37,5 Tons of CO2 emitted offsetted

Prony Wind Farms, New Caledonia

Least-Impact Micro Hydro Plant in Indonesia


This project generates emission free energy for the island of Sulawesi – without the need for a retaining dam, with Socio-economic benefits during and after construction phase.

62,5 Tons of CO2 emitted offsetted

Micro-hydro Sulaxesi, Indonesia

Kariba Avoided Deforestation in Zimbabwe


This forest conservation project is aimed at providing sustainable livelihood opportunities for poor communities in Northern Zimbabwe, a region now suffering heavily from deforestation, poverty, and drought.

25 Tons of CO2 emitted offsetted

Kariba REDD+ forest protection, Zimbabwe

Commit to the 2° Path

Our governments are struggling to define binding targets for greenhouse gas emissions. The current pledges made in the Copenhagen Accord are far from reaching the global goal of limiting the average global warming to 2°C which is considered as a scenario which is just about endurable. Even if the pledges are fulfilled, we are still facing a probability of more than 50% of a global warming higher than 3° by end of this century (Meinshausen, 2010) leading to disastrous consequences (IPCC, working group 2).

As the international negotiations are taking way longer than reasonable, we are now facing a situation where climate neutrality is no longer enough. Due to the historical emission track record of the OECD and developing countries, it is the industrialized world’s job to bring the world on track. But with economic development picking up quickly in the developing world, the 2°C goal can no longer be achieved even by reducing OECD emissions to zero or going climate neutral. Therefore South Pole is offering the option to compensate our emissions in a way that would achieve the 2°C goal if adopted by all industrialized countries.

We calculated the amount of emission reductions needed in developing countries on top of climate neutrality in the industrialized world based on IEA and World Bank data and found that they are equivalent to 2.5 times the amount of the emissions of industrialized countries.

2°c commitment

“We commit to a 2° path, we therefore offset 2.5 times our total Beautiful World Tour emissions.”

Malte Meinshausen, Joeri Rogelj et al, “Copenhagen Accord pledges are paltry”, Nature, 2010
The World Bank, World Development Report, 2010
IEA, Energy Technology Perspective 2008: Scenarios and Strategies to 2050, 2008

Le début du voyage au Brésil 

J’ai beaucoup aimé la balade à cheval.

Jade horse riding

Pour commencer on était sur la route, mais après nous sommes allés dans un petit chemin entouré d’arbres: c’était magnifique! Je suis allée au galop et au triple galop et pour finir nous avons terminé par les dunes: on a attaché les chevaux, on s’est amusé dans le sable et on a vu un couché de soleil magique.

Horse riding

Nous avons aussi fais une balade en buggy: on se serait cru dans un parc d’attraction, le conducteur faisait “surfer” le buggy sur les dunes!

Buggy tour

Un endroit paradisiaque 

Une plage magnifique de sable, des vagues parfaites pour les surfeurs. Il y a des dauphins et des tortues. A peine tu nages qu’un dauphin saute. Un endroit splendide, avec une pension fort sympathique vue sur mer, de quoi rêver. Il y a des balades inoubliables a faire à pied ou en voiture. On peut voir dans la forêt des singes, des iguanes et des vautours. Le village est très sympathique, les jours de fête à l’église les villageois chantent et dansent. Les habitants son joyeux et amicaux. Les maisons sont des couleurs vives: vert,orange,bleu,rouge… Dans le village il y a des restaurants où on y mange très bien.

Ulysses surfing

guest house


Pipa Action

The first 10 days in Brazil have been packed with action!

Kids are having a lot of fun, and are doing substantial progress in surfing!

Here are some pictures, the video is coming soon!

News from Pipa

Déjà une semaine que nous sommes arrivés, pour l’instant nous nous sentons juste en vacances: heureux d’être au Brésil dans un lieu que nous connaissons.

Quelques photos pour vous faire partager ce petit coin de paradis.

Nous prendrons le rythme voyage au moment de la rentrée scolaire… et oui il va falloir s’y mettre aussi!