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NZ North Island: Raglan surfers’ dream

We had a dream stay in Raglan, a place I first visited  17 years ago (makes me feel old…) and that completely mesmerized me at the time with its perfect surfing point-breaks and hippie vibe…

17 years later, the charm is still intact! The family stayed in the Solscape Lodge, a very special place where backpackers come from all over the world, and sleep in train wagons! It was great coming back to this place so many years after, and meet all those travelers who come here to share the same things: good waves, beautiful nature, and meet cool people! Kids could live that special feeling for almost a week, living in the communal area where people cook, chat and dream until late at night.

Surf wise, it has been a dream. We arrived for the beginning of a clean winter swell, 2.5m at 17 seconds period… which delivered perfect waves for 4 days in a row on all the Raglan point breaks, from classic Manu Bay and up to 4 meters sets on the outside of Indicators! I got a few of those barreling beasts and got rides from outside Indicators to the end of Whale Bay in just two waves (I guess a kilometer of riding), until I got seriously punished and broke my board in two halves…. One less board to carry;-)

We could also enjoy some hikes (including gorgeous Bridal Veil waterfalls) and a great mountain biking trail around the Raglan countryside.

Good memories for the whole family! Raglan has definitely something special!

Now heading to Coromandel peninsula, our last stop before leaving to Australia.

Jade’s Surf Challenge – Completed!

She made it.

The Challenge was to surf in “real” conditions, far from the small and mellow waves of Northeast Brazil, and she had to surf Playa Avellanas with solid “barreling” waves, with some sets at 2 meters…

Despite some serious crashes at the beginning of each session, she finally got the right paddling / take-off timing to make some good waves with surfers encouraging her to charge!

Soooo proud;-)

Here is the video and some nice pictures: GO JADE, GO!

surf jade 3

surf jade barrel

surf jade 6


Itacare – Beach Paradise

Well, we forgot to post some pictures of our stay in Itacare, a beach paradise a few hours south of Salvador.

We spent a full week there enjoying some of the world’s most famous beaches, including beautiful Prahina, to surf, walk and kayak over the lagoon.

The stay was worth the few hundreds kilometers more on hardcore dirt roads!

As usual, the full photo album is available here

You can also (re)watch the video that includes the Itacare part:


Pipa Action

The first 10 days in Brazil have been packed with action!

Kids are having a lot of fun, and are doing substantial progress in surfing!

Here are some pictures, the video is coming soon!