The Beautiful World Tour is a family project: one year to travel alternatively and witness the Beauty of the World.

There are multiple reasons for doing this tour. Delphine and I have been traveling the world for 20 years, and when kids where born 11 years ago, we nurtured the dream to go around the world as a whole family to do what we love most: travel to experience the Beauty of the World and share it!

Beauty of Nature


Everywhere we have been in the World, we have witnessed breathtaking beauty, and we know there is so much more to discover. We will explore the wildest areas of the countries we visit to immerse ourselves in preserved nature.

Because nature is fragile, and because it’s the most important thing humanity is sharing, we are taking a special care to actively preserve it and reduce our impact while we travel.

Carbon Compensation

We have calculated our total Carbon footprint for traveling & accommodation. And it sucks…

Beautiful World Tour Carbon Footprint

Most of the carbon we will emit is coming from the traveling… that you can’t avoid if you are doing a world tour!

The ideal would be of course to travel less, but you can also compensate your carbon emissions by:

  • sequestrating what you have emitted
  • investing in the prevention of future emissions

We have decided to offset 2.5x our carbon emissions with South Pole Carbon, because the idea is just not to cancel our footprint, but rather apply the ambitious emissions reduction target for western countries to keep within the 2°C temperature increase (see NGOs chapter).


Active participation in nature preservation NGOs

But compensating the damage is not enough in our view: we wanted to get further involved in nature preservation in countries where we will spend some time. We will get involved with the Surfrider Foundation to alert about polution, do active cleaning on beaches around the world, and tell the story in schools when back home.

In this Nature preservation effort, we will try to understand how Digital can play a key role to achieve sustainability objectives, from emissions calculations to communication and education.


Beauty of People & Diversity of Cultures


One beautiful thing with “slow traveling” is the ability to meet people and embrace local cultures. We want to show the kids the infinite diversity of the different cultures, the different lifestyles, the different ways of cultivating food, the different ways to make a living, the different ways for kids to learn in school…

With already a few years in NGOs involvement, we wanted to integrate 3 initiatives during this trip:

  • everywhere we go, we will try to help local people with Kiva.org to create their own business through a number of targeted micro-credits in social business, education, sustainable agriculture or whatever other project that will allow local people to reach sustainable autonomy
  • while in India, we spend to some time in the Bija Vidyapeeth/Earth University (TBC) and get involved to truly understand what Organic & Sustainable farming means for local farmers and the sustainability of the Planet
  • last, in Senegal the last stop of this journey, we want to help kids access education in a remote area south of Dakar by providing funds to Senecole Association to continue building a school with enough classrooms to welcome 400 kids who would not have access to school otherwise.
    Ulysses & Jade will get back to school with them in October 2016 to share their African kids life.

Here too, we will try to understand how Digital can contribute to humanitarians missions, as described by Patrick Meier in is iRevolution Blog or his book “Digital humanitarians”, but also in e-Education as a way to provide access to knowledge to kids that would not even have the chance to go to school.


Beauty to travel as One Family


Having busy business lives, this year is a very special year to stay all together, all year long.

It is the opportunity to discover wonderful things together, and actively participate to the education of Ulysses and Jade: Vincent and Delphine will act respectively as Math & Science and Languages teachers, giving lessons within the CNED (Centre National d’Education à Distance) remote education framework.

It is also the opportunity for the kids to learn new languages and discover new cultures, experience the lifestyle of other kids worldwide, and make them understand how fortunate they are to be born in a privileged environment (with the duties that come with it).

Last, it’s also a special year to reconnect and spend time with key friends. We will be sharing some precious moments… for memories of a lifetime!


11 thoughts on “WHY (THE DREAM)?”

  1. C’est fabuleux, Delphine et Vincent – félicitations !! Bisous à vous deux, et à Jade et Ulysses : )
    Jen, Montréal, Québec, Canada

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Bravo Delph et Vince d’avoir laissé derrière vous votre vie quotidienne familière, vos carrières en plein essor, pour réaliser ce beau projet dont vous parliez depuis longtemps! Bravo Ulysse et Jade d’avoir laissé pour un temps les copains d’école et les activités que vous connaissez bien. C’est une superbe aventure que vous offrez à votre famille, la chance de découvrir le monde, et de mieux se découvrir aussi! Profitez-en bien et merci de partager votre voyage sur ce blog. Gros bisous à vous 4. Et bon vent! Maram&Co

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Merci Maram & Co;-)
      C’est en effet un voyage physique et initiatique pour toute la famille! grosses bises!


  3. Super belle présentation de ce projet… Bravo !! Je vous souhaite que cette envolée familiale vous mette des étoiles dans les yeux pour les 365 jours à venir… On va aimer vous suivre, vous voir dans d’autres environnements, on va vous envier aussi beaucoup :), mais qu’est ce qu’on est heureux pour vous… Never forget : “don’t wait for the perfect moment, take the moment and make it perfect”…. gros bisous d’amourrrrrrrrrrr mouahhhh ♥♥♥

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Trop cool la présentation de votre projet. Amusez-vous les amis! This will probably be the best year of your lives. Hope to catch you in Sydney next year. We are getting to know the place, so that we can show you around 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Je suis émerveillée !!! par ce choix magnifique : partir , tout laisser avec 2 enfants fabuleux, courageux (surtout en Amazonie).
    Je suis heureuse de partager à distance vos étapes.
    Je suis très fier de mon grand Ulysse !!!!!!
    Bravo pour la qualité des vidéos, des photos du choix des musiques, des prises de vue, des commentaires du blog tout entier … Il est réalisé avec intelligence précision … c’est vraiment du bonheur de vous suivre !!
    Profitez en bien les 2 petits Looping Ulysse et Jade , vous avez une chance inouïe !!!
    Chapeau bas pour les parents , pour toute l’organisation, pour toute cette énergie positive distribuée et ces moments magnifiques !!
    je vous embrasse !!!
    des gros gros bisous à Ulysse !!!
    Sylvie Uriot

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Merci Mme Uriot! Grosses bises de toute la famille (et Ulysse en particulier!) de martinique a quelques heures du grand départ en bateau!


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