“Calebasse” boat visit (by Ulysses)

Before we end our 75 days boat trip around the Caribbean islands, Ulysses wanted to share a “virtual visit” of our floating home: ” Calebasse”.

Take the tour with Ulysses the sailor!


British Virgin Islands – The Photo Album

After 53 hours of crossing in pretty rough seas (girls didn’t like it), we have landed back in Martinique!

Here are a few more pictures from our great stay in the BVI, as well as the complete BVI photo album available here!

Stay posted for some great videos coming-up soon…

We will now stay a few days in Martinique to give class to kids before we head for the next leg of the Beautiful World Tour in the USA!

British Virgin Islands – A first glimpse

This is the last leg of our Caribbean tour, but certainly not one we will forget….

We were a bit afraid of the “hype” around those islands that gather many sailors and super-yacht during the winter holidays, coming mostly from the US and UK with a few other europeans, with potentially over-crowded moorings and touristic sites…

But those islands are certainly worth the visit, and the good news is that it’s easy to escape the “bling” and the crowds that concentrate in very few spots (still don’t understand why)! Believe it or not, we could visit world famous “Baths” on Virgin Gorda almost alone before the beaches were invaded by armies of tourists  disembarking from giant cruise-boats, perfectly lined-up like sheeps for a few hours (and apparently like the crowd;-).

On Anegada, our first stop, we were alone in front of a giant beach with a reef barrier that offered some of the very best kiteboarding session since the beginning of the trip with looong waves!

We continue to sail between the many islands, enjoying beautiful sceneries with always some islands fading into the sunset in the background…

Here are a few shots from that first week of cruising in the BVI…

Virgin Islands1


St Barth – Photo Album

Right after our visit of Antigua & Barbuda islands, we had a quick stop in St Barth & St Martin to rest before a long crossing and replenish with enough food and water for 3 weeks before we get back to Martinique. 

We just arrived in the Brittish Virgin Islands for a 2 weeks exploration of this famous archipelago.

Here is the usual St Barth(elemy) photo album!

Full album available here.

Eloge de la simplicité

« Le simple vit comme il respire, sans plus d’efforts ni de gloire, sans plus d’effets ni de honte. La simplicité n’est pas une vertu qui s’ajouterait à l’existence. C’est l’existence même, en tant que rien ne s’y ajoute […]. Sans autre richesse que tout. Sans autre trésor que rien. Simplicité est liberté, légèreté, transparence. Simple comme l’air, libre comme l’air […]. Le simple ne se prend ni au sérieux ni au tragique. Le monde est son royaume, qui lui suffit. Le présent est son éternité, qui le comble. Il n’a rien à prouver, puisqu’il ne veut rien paraître. Ni rien à chercher, puisque tout est là. Quoi de plus simple que la simplicité ? Quoi de plus léger ? C’est la vertu des sages, et la sagesse des saints. »

André Comte-Sponville

La beauté sacrée

« La beauté n’est pas la satisfaction d’un besoin mais la recherche d’une extase. Elle n’est ni une bouche assoiffée ni des mains tendues, mais plutôt un cœur embrasé et une âme envoûtée […]. Gens d’Orphalese, la beauté c’est la vie lorsqu’elle se dévoile sous son jour le plus sacré ».

Khalil Gibran – Le Prophète

St Vincent, St Lucia & Dominica – the adventure video

Here is the long-awaited video of our visit of the most authentic islands of the Caribbean, with a Rasta vibe in each of them: peace, love and harmony with nature – “irie Jah feeling man”!


Next video of the remote north Caribbean islands will be published next time we find some (rare) internet connection!