We are leaving for a full year World Tour, going on all continents in countries that will offer us the right mix of Nature and Culture, traveling by airplane, by four-wheel drive, by boat, by camper-van… or just walking!

world tour map

    • France (departure) – 11th August 2015
    • Brazil the surfers’ dream – 2 months
      • Nordeste Natal
      • Salvador do Bahia
      • Amazonia
      • Rio do Janeiro
    • Caribbean on a boat – 3 months
      • Martinique
      • St Lucie
      • Grenadines
      • Grenada
      • Los Roques
      • Dominique
      • Guadeloupe
      • Antigua & Barbuda
      • British Virgin Islands
    • USA – just a quick stop
      • Miami & Keys
      • Los Angeles & National Parks
    • Latin America exploration in a jeep – 2 months
      • Costa Rica
      • Nicaragua
    • Pacific on a campervan into the wild – 2 months
      • New Zealand North Island
      • New Zealand South Island
      • Australia (West Oz)
    • Indonesia chilling (Bali & Lombok) – 2 weeks
    • India on a shoestring – 2 months
      • Southern India: Kerala
      • Northern India
      • Western India
    • France (return) – 11th August 2016 (exactly one year after;-)
    • Africa : Senegal (epilog in October 2016)

During the tour we will update a Google Map with key destinations of this Beautiful World Tour.


3 thoughts on “WORLD TOUR”

  1. Coucou mon cousin coucou ma cousine j’espère que votre tour du monde ce passe bien. Coucou Dephine coucou Vincent, j’espère que vous allez bien. Bref profitez bien moi t’a l’école😓


    1. merci Josephine: n’hesites pas à laisser des commentaires sur les posts de Jade et Ulysse


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