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Portugal & Friends

What a wonderful time!

It has been almost 3 weeks since we landed in Portugal. We stayed at 2 great friends houses in the area of Cascais & Sintra, one of the most beautiful parts of Portugal, with breathtaking sceneries, vibrant culture, and unique micro-climate. It was great to see our many friends there and get back to normal life with shopping, dining and partying;-)

Kids enjoyed a lot playing again with kids their age, as they did not meet that many kids during the trip!

We did a few hikes in the region and were struck with the beauty of this piece of land at the western tip of Europe. You will see in the below photo gallery some views of Sintra forest and La Serra mountains, as well as some of the mythical beaches, like Praia da Guincho the extreme water sports arena (with wind and waves every day), and Praia da Ursa that is known for being one of the most beautiful beach in the world, and it’s probably true!

We are now a few days from getting back to France, and honestly, we are all soooo excited to find our sweet home, and end our one year nomad life… That’s the great thing with such a World Tour I guess: you are happy when it starts, and happy when it ends!

Landing back home in Carry-le-Rouet expected on the 15th of August!

Soon back….


North India Roadtrip – The Video!

Here is the full feature movie of our 3 weeks in North India. A roadtrip across the states of New-Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, and Himachala at the northernmost point of the country !

Such a great trip in many beautiful cities like Agra, Jaipur, Jodhpur, Udaipur, Dharamsala, and many more. Amazing sceneries, great people, dirty roads, sacred animals everywhere, and sometimes bad weather, but always a real adventure like nowhere else!

Here is the last movie of our Beautiful World Tour before we returning to Europe where other adventures are awaiting for us.

Enjoy !

giphy teaser

South India experience – the Video

We had a wonderful stay in Kerala, the most religious state in India, often cited as “God’s own country”. Our Yoga & Meditation retreat in Varkala, our visit of Kollam, followed by a 3 days cruise on a traditional “Kettu Vallam” house-boat across Kerala, from Kollam to Allepey and  Kochin! This is the video of our amazing South India experience, a bewitchment of the senses!

P.S: YouTube has decided to prevent me to use the beautiful “Indifference” song from Pearl Jam, so the video has no music from 9’25” to 13’… which will feel a bit weird (algorithmic retrieval of the music which is supposed to leave the other sounds intact, but that’s not quite the case…), but it’s still worth watching! Enjoy…

Kerala: God’s own country

Kerala is known as “God’s own country” as it is the Indian state with the most religious diversity… and tolerance. Hindou temples, Christian churches and Muslim mosquee are often located within the same village area with a few meters between them, enchanting the atmosphere with religious chants often happening at the same time (even if it sometimes leads to a loudspeaker volume competition;-)

After our Yoga retreat in Varkala, we went north to Kollam to visit the ancient colonial city that saw Portuguese collons, followed by Dutch and the British… The backwaters, a long laguna between the ocean and the forest, stretching from Kollam to Kochin, are also a beautiful area to explore as it allows to approach nature and people from a very quiet perspective.

Kollam was also the starting point for a big surprise for Jade’s birthday…

Indeed, we had a “Kettu Vallam“, a traditional house-boat, coming right next to our guest-house, and she had to do just a few meters to jump onto that beautiful boat that we hired just for us to take an unconventional route, from Kollam to Kochin, going through natural lagoons, lakes and man-made canals.
And it was a good idea, as it is known that more than 500 Kettu Valams cruise around Allepey, leading to water-traffic-jams that pollute the experience, and we didn’t see any until we arrived… in Allepey😉

On the way, we have seen beautiful small villages with people literally “living with the river”, from fishing to washing, small hidden temples and churches, India’s Green Venice on Munroe island, holy places such as Amma’s Ashram where people from all over the world come seeking for enlightenment (which is internal peace and love), fishermen markets, and much more…

A deep immersion into Kerala’s nature, lifestyle and culture!

Here is a snapshot, and the full photo album below:

The full photo album is available here.

The video is on its way!




Connecting Body & Mind

We are just out of a fantastic Yoga & Meditation retreat at Agnihotra Yoga Retreat in Varkala in the Kerala state south of India.

Eight days out of time in a place filled with energy and compassion, learning authentic & holistic Yoga, that is to connect the body and mind through Asanas (physical exercises) and Mindfulness Meditations, 6 hours a day.

Homa (Fire) Meditation
Yoga Master Syam Ji

We were fortunate to be tought by a wonderful person, our Yoga Master, Syam Ji (Rakesh Kumar is his civil name), fully dedicated to the teaching of is art and lifestyle, a Yoga practice that is rooted in ancient Veda’s wisdom with Hata Yoga Asanas coupled with Homa Meditations, a practice that is using fire to purify the atmosphere… and the soul!

The Yoga Asanas teaching was very progressive, from the classic poses to more advanced one, working on strength, flexibility, and of course equilibrium. The Yoga Meditation part was also very well guided with breathing techniques, body scanning, and the fire and mantra chantings as wonderful ways to fix attention and totally be present to the moment.

Food was also adapted to the retreat with a specific Ayurvedic regime to cleanse the body.

Syam Ji is truly incarnating the values he his teaching, and his chanting of the compassion mantras were pure positive vibrations. He also was very generous with his time to engage in passionate conversations about Indian culture, the Vedas, the commonalities across religions and laic spirituality nowadays.

Kids attended several sessions, and I was proud to see them progress pretty quickly, and be able to focus attention for almost 3 hours, which is not easy for kids aged 12 and 10 yo! Together with the Mindfulness meditation classes I humbly gave them, I hope they will remember the experience & the benefits as a gift for their adult life .

Varkala was also an interesting place to do such a retreat, as Kerala is one of the most religious but also tolerant state of India where all confessions live together in peace. In most cities, you will find Muslim mosque facing a Christian church and a Hindu temple.

At the quiet Secret Garden (the place where we stayed and practices Yoga) we could hear the Muslim chants mixing with the Hindu celebrations, all day long. The place was really filled with energy and peace, in the middle of nature.

The Yoga Shala in the middle of nature

For those who seek to go beyond the western view of Yoga (that is a “Gym” practice), I highly recommend Agnihotra Yoga Retreat: it can be a life transforming experience!

Information about the Retreats can be found on the website:

Please find below a short video showing the kids and I attending one of the first sessions (both funny and beautiful at the same time).

This retreat was a great start for our indian journey. We are now heading for a trip across Kerala backwaters on a traditional boat (Kettu Valam).

Namaste (which is a salute saying “the divine in me recognizes the divine in you”)


Australia Road Trip – The Video

4000 kms road trip from Melbourne to Noosa Bay, discovering beautiful nature, from cold Tasman sea climate to tropical bays north of Brisbane. Long roads, many hikes in natural parks, theme parks, surfing… and loooong moments stuck in the campervan practicing survival skills!

This is our Australian road-trip story.

Kids in the Press!

ENGLISH: We are super proud to announce that the kids made it to the famous “Geo” for teenagers, the french equivalent of the National Geographic, where they could talk about their “Carbon Neutral World Tour” in their own words.

Their best memories, their worst, what they miss, and many more interesting thoughts on the Beautiful World Tour (but in french only;-)

Here is a copy of the 4 pages article with a PDF below to download it!

FRENCH: Nous sommes super fier d’annoncer la parution d’un article sur les enfants dans Geo Ado, 4 pages où ils racontent leur impression sur leur voyage “Eco-responsable”.

Leur meilleurs souvenirs, les pires, les amis et les choses qui leur manquent le plus…

A voir ci-dessus et avec le PDF en téléchargement: GEO_CarnetVoyage

GEON158P058_CarnetVoyage pour C2GEON158P058_CarnetVoyage pour C22