We are in Nicaragua!

We arrived in Nicaragua that is like most people said: like Costa Rica 30 years ago, which we like a lot!

It’s “roots”, the beaches are beautiful, and the people are of course very nice. Clearly, the “chill vibe” is everywhere. Distances are long, time goes slow, but why would you hurry?

Our first stop was in San Juan del Sur, a nice hippy village surrounded by nature and beautiful beaches like the below (Majagual, Marsella…). This is where we could celebrate Ulysses 12th birthday… time flies, probably even more while you are on the road!

During the 3 weeks there, we will explore the coast, go to the famous Granada ancient colonial city, as well as to Isla de Ometepe that is in fact 2 volcanoes…

Stay tuned…

Majagual Beach
Can’t get bored of the Nicaraguan sunset
Our simple Cabanas right onto the beach
Ulysses birthday: he is 12 yo now!

Kiteboarding Costa Rica

I knew the north of Costa Rica was windy, but not to this point.

Bahia Salinas in known for being the windiest place in Central America. This year, it was the windiest place on earth. During our 5 days stay, the wind never went below 40 knots, often nuking above 50 knots with stones flying on the beach and smoke on the water;-(

To get a chance to ride (survive), I had to borrow Ulysses tiny 7m kite and wait for the afternoon when the wind usually dropped around 40 knots… A real stretch for the body with some painful crashes: I might be to old for that!

You can have a look at the below video at 15′ to witness the mayhem.

And here are a few shots from the video…

Costa Rica movie3
50 knots+ = smoke on the water
Costa Rica movie6
leg stretching
Costa Rica movie7
fly over the rocks
Costa Rica movie8
12m+ jump

Jade’s Surf Challenge – Completed!

She made it.

The Challenge was to surf in “real” conditions, far from the small and mellow waves of Northeast Brazil, and she had to surf Playa Avellanas with solid “barreling” waves, with some sets at 2 meters…

Despite some serious crashes at the beginning of each session, she finally got the right paddling / take-off timing to make some good waves with surfers encouraging her to charge!

Soooo proud;-)

Here is the video and some nice pictures: GO JADE, GO!

surf jade 3

surf jade barrel

surf jade 6


We are halfway!

We can’t believe it, but we are already halfway of the Beautiful World Tour: time flies!

Here are some stats since we left France:

  • 6 months since departure (50% of the full year;-)
  • 10 countries visited (including the many small independent islands in the Caribbean)
  • 10000 km by air
  • 5000 km by car
  • 2500 km by boat
  • all of it of course 250% Carbon compensated (see details😉
  • 137 kilos of baggage (including 50 kilos of boards and 15 kilos of books…)
  • 1 drone crashed, the other 1 still stuck at the Brazilian border;-(
  • 50%+ of CNED school courses completed (Maths 70%, French 40%, English 60%… see details)
  • many new education topics discovered (that national education does not really cover), like Computer Science (here is Jade’s first program, as well as the one of Ulysses…) and Ecology
  • Only few Kids Challenges completed so far (Kite for Ulysses, Surf for Jade, English WIP for both): they will have to accelerate to win the super-prize (an animal back home)!
  • Several small NGOs helped along the way for economic development and environmental protection…

Here are the detailed maps of each big step of this world tour.

The Brazilian Trip

The Carribean Trip

The Central America Trip (50% completed)

And the rest ahead of us…

world tour map

  • Express-visit in California
  • 6 weeks in a camping-car in New-Zealand with Flying Challenge
  • 4 weeks in a camping-car in Eastern Australia with Diving Challenge
  • A quick stop in Indonesia
  • One month in Southern India
  • The last month in Northern India, ending our trip in Daremsala for a nice spiritual happy-ending…
  • …and back home mid-August!

We have still plenty discoveries and challenges ahead of us, and we’ll make sure we keep you posted with nice pictures and videos along the way!

Thanks for following us;-)