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Connecting Body & Mind

We are just out of a fantastic Yoga & Meditation retreat at Agnihotra Yoga Retreat in Varkala in the Kerala state south of India.

Eight days out of time in a place filled with energy and compassion, learning authentic & holistic Yoga, that is to connect the body and mind through Asanas (physical exercises) and Mindfulness Meditations, 6 hours a day.

Homa (Fire) Meditation
Yoga Master Syam Ji

We were fortunate to be tought by a wonderful person, our Yoga Master, Syam Ji (Rakesh Kumar is his civil name), fully dedicated to the teaching of is art and lifestyle, a Yoga practice that is rooted in ancient Veda’s wisdom with Hata Yoga Asanas coupled with Homa Meditations, a practice that is using fire to purify the atmosphere… and the soul!

The Yoga Asanas teaching was very progressive, from the classic poses to more advanced one, working on strength, flexibility, and of course equilibrium. The Yoga Meditation part was also very well guided with breathing techniques, body scanning, and the fire and mantra chantings as wonderful ways to fix attention and totally be present to the moment.

Food was also adapted to the retreat with a specific Ayurvedic regime to cleanse the body.

Syam Ji is truly incarnating the values he his teaching, and his chanting of the compassion mantras were pure positive vibrations. He also was very generous with his time to engage in passionate conversations about Indian culture, the Vedas, the commonalities across religions and laic spirituality nowadays.

Kids attended several sessions, and I was proud to see them progress pretty quickly, and be able to focus attention for almost 3 hours, which is not easy for kids aged 12 and 10 yo! Together with the Mindfulness meditation classes I humbly gave them, I hope they will remember the experience & the benefits as a gift for their adult life .

Varkala was also an interesting place to do such a retreat, as Kerala is one of the most religious but also tolerant state of India where all confessions live together in peace. In most cities, you will find Muslim mosque facing a Christian church and a Hindu temple.

At the quiet Secret Garden (the place where we stayed and practices Yoga) we could hear the Muslim chants mixing with the Hindu celebrations, all day long. The place was really filled with energy and peace, in the middle of nature.

The Yoga Shala in the middle of nature

For those who seek to go beyond the western view of Yoga (that is a “Gym” practice), I highly recommend Agnihotra Yoga Retreat: it can be a life transforming experience!

Information about the Retreats can be found on the website: http://agnihotrayoga.com/

Please find below a short video showing the kids and I attending one of the first sessions (both funny and beautiful at the same time).

This retreat was a great start for our indian journey. We are now heading for a trip across Kerala backwaters on a traditional boat (Kettu Valam).

Namaste (which is a salute saying “the divine in me recognizes the divine in you”)



Kids in the Press!

ENGLISH: We are super proud to announce that the kids made it to the famous “Geo” for teenagers, the french equivalent of the National Geographic, where they could talk about their “Carbon Neutral World Tour” in their own words.

Their best memories, their worst, what they miss, and many more interesting thoughts on the Beautiful World Tour (but in french only;-)

Here is a copy of the 4 pages article with a PDF below to download it!

FRENCH: Nous sommes super fier d’annoncer la parution d’un article sur les enfants dans Geo Ado, 4 pages où ils racontent leur impression sur leur voyage “Eco-responsable”.

Leur meilleurs souvenirs, les pires, les amis et les choses qui leur manquent le plus…

A voir ci-dessus et avec le PDF en téléchargement: GEO_CarnetVoyage

GEON158P058_CarnetVoyage pour C2GEON158P058_CarnetVoyage pour C22




Family flight over Queenstown

Kids just cleared another challenge: flying and steering a paraglider!

After our stay in Wanaka, we went to Queenstown where we had great weather to let the kids fly. We have been flying all three one after another (Mom preferred to watch from the ground;-). Both Ulysses & Jade could take the commands to make their first smooth turns, and get into some tumbling with their instructors.

A great flight from Coronet Peak, sighting the lakes around Queenstown and the autumn colors of the surrounding mountains from above.

I had a few more flights, including good soaring in medium wind, to get something I started a loooong time ago: my paraglider pilot license (called PG2 here in NZ)!

Now heading to Fjordland.

Nicaragua School Visit

We wanted to visit a school in Nicaragua to learn about the way they teach kids.

As we (Delphine and I) are teachers during this year traveling around the world, we thought it might be a source of inspiration for us and the kids who sometimes have a hard time coping with the non-stop traveling to concentrate on their lessons. It’s also a way to make them understand how lucky they are to benefit from pretty good French education system.

So we went to this small school 30′ away from the Pan-americana road crossing the country. The “Concepcion de Maria” school is located in the small “Las Messas” village at the end of the dirt road, that just got connected to the electrical network.

The “Concepcion de Maria” painted wall

All the teachers took some time to let us visit their classrooms (from 5 to 12 years old kids), engage with the kids, learn about their day to day challenges (small salaries, lack of supplies, very poor families with kids not always eating what they should…), and of course about the joys of teaching.

One of the classrooms with kids greeting us;-)

Teachers were interested about how we parents were teaching the kids while on the road. So we discussed Mathematics, French, pedagogy and how the kids learned best… The Nicaraguan way of teaching is clearly interactive and based on fun – much more relaxed than the western countries style.

So we and the kids made some demonstrations of learning methods for basic Maths and Geometry… that was fun!

Ulysses telling about is last Geometry lesson (I will have to get back to it I believe…)

It was delightful to see how close the kids were from the teachers. The classrooms looked like big families gathered to learn the things of life!

The government is supplying most of the books, supporting the food, but the school was lacking many essential items such as pencils, writing books, paper boards, drawing pencils, etc…

So we went to the largest library we found and returned a few days after with some of those essential supplies to make sure the kids have everything they need to learn efficiently and play, hopefully for  a year!

Overall, it was a wonderful experience to share a bit the life of this kids and teachers, and we where fortunate to be given nice songs that we will remember;-)

A song for us!

Thanks to Marfisa and Yoconda Bonilla for their time with us!

Virgin Islands Paradise Dive – The Video

The British Virgin Islands are known worldwide for their wonderful diving sites, and we could dive (snorkel) in some of the most famous spots, including the Baths on Virgin Gorda island, the Caves on Norman island, and The Indians & Rainbow Canyons on Pelican island.

The family could enjoy each dive, each site having unique characteristics: different coral structures, fishes, and underwater sceneries, from caves to canyons.

We share here a few pictures and the video of those amazing submarine sceneries and wildlife.

Enjoy !

British Virgin Islands – The Photo Album

After 53 hours of crossing in pretty rough seas (girls didn’t like it), we have landed back in Martinique!

Here are a few more pictures from our great stay in the BVI, as well as the complete BVI photo album available here!

Stay posted for some great videos coming-up soon…

We will now stay a few days in Martinique to give class to kids before we head for the next leg of the Beautiful World Tour in the USA!


Tibau do Sul & Pipa

Nous avons commencé le voyage à Pipa.

La végétation est faite de palmiers, de cocotiers, de bananiers et pleins d’autres arbres. Les villes et les rues sont chouettes, les jours de fête elles sont décorées et il y a pleins d’activités à faire. J’ai fait du surf, du cheval et plein de balades dans la nature!

Salvador do Bahia

Le premier jour nous sommes arrivés dans une pousada nomée Boqueirão elle était magnifique et les petits déjeuner étaient délicieux. Tous les quartiers étaient surveillés par la police car c’était dangereux.

Le lendemain nous sommes partis nous promener, nous avons visité des églises très jolies et je me suis fait faire des tresses. Au bout de 30 jours, j’ai défait mes tresses et j’ai eu les cheveux tous frisés.

Chapada Diamantina

Pour rejoindre les chapada de diamantina, nous avons roulé toute la journée. Nous nous sommes installés et le lendemain nous étions partis. Le premier jour le guide nous a emmené voir une cascade de 400 mètre de haut ! La journée qui allait suivre allait être dur car nous avons fait 9h de marche, nous avons vu de beaux paysages, des animaux, des petits ruisseaux et un vent frais nous rafraîchissait.

À la tombée de la nuit nous sommes enfin arrivés dans une petite pousada, tard dans la nuit nous sommes sortis et dehors il y avait plein de lucioles c’était magique. Le troisième jour, nous sommes allés voir deux petites cascades, pour le chemin du retour nous marchions sur des rochers sur l’eau c’était marrant mais il fallait s’en méfier car à un moment donné j’ai glissé sur un rocher et je me suis fais très mal. Quand je suis rentrée dans la pousada un guide chamane qui s’appellait “le moineau” m’a appliqué une potion à base de fleurs, le lendemain j’étais guérie et j’ai pu marcher pendant 6h pour arriver au premier village.


Une fois arrivés à Itacare nous avons logé dans une pousada tenu par des Belges, nous  sommes allés à la plage et  mon frère et moi avons joué dans la mer. Le lendemain nous étions partis voir toute les plages, à la dernière plage nous avons fait une grande tyrolienne de 400 mètres c’était sensationnel !!!

Après, nous sommes partis pour Manaus dans la forêt Amazonienne.


Pour lire le récit de l’Amazonie, voir le post d’Ulysse

Rio de Janeiro

Nous avons passé quelques jours à Rio, nous sommes allés voir le Christ Corcovado, une statue géante très connue. Nous avons vu l’extérieur du stade de foot (Macaréna) où c’était passé la coupe du monde l’an dernier ensuite nous avons fait un tour de vélo et visité un jardin botanique très grand et il contenait beaucoup de plantes variées qu’on ne trouve pas si facilement,  des arbres, des cactus de toutes sortes c’était impressionnant !!!

J’ai adoré ce voyage au Brésil: c’est un pays de rêve pour les vacances!



Le début du voyage au Brésil 

J’ai beaucoup aimé la balade à cheval.

Jade horse riding

Pour commencer on était sur la route, mais après nous sommes allés dans un petit chemin entouré d’arbres: c’était magnifique! Je suis allée au galop et au triple galop et pour finir nous avons terminé par les dunes: on a attaché les chevaux, on s’est amusé dans le sable et on a vu un couché de soleil magique.

Horse riding

Nous avons aussi fais une balade en buggy: on se serait cru dans un parc d’attraction, le conducteur faisait “surfer” le buggy sur les dunes!

Buggy tour

Un endroit paradisiaque 

Une plage magnifique de sable, des vagues parfaites pour les surfeurs. Il y a des dauphins et des tortues. A peine tu nages qu’un dauphin saute. Un endroit splendide, avec une pension fort sympathique vue sur mer, de quoi rêver. Il y a des balades inoubliables a faire à pied ou en voiture. On peut voir dans la forêt des singes, des iguanes et des vautours. Le village est très sympathique, les jours de fête à l’église les villageois chantent et dansent. Les habitants son joyeux et amicaux. Les maisons sont des couleurs vives: vert,orange,bleu,rouge… Dans le village il y a des restaurants où on y mange très bien.

Ulysses surfing

guest house