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Nica Vida Beach Lifestyle

We spent the first 10 days of our trip in Nicaragua on the southern beaches of the country, near San Juan del Sur, followed by the most famous surfing beach: Popoyo. Even if some serious tourists’ infrastructures are starting to appear here and there, the country’s coast is still largely underdeveloped, which means you see few people, enjoy beaches not altered by constructions, and see wildlife everywhere both on land and in the water.

We were staying in small beach huts surrounded by monkeys and many birds.

The surfing was great all along the coast, with consistent waves despite the low season, with occasional competitive local crowds on the best spots like Popoyo. The only surprise was the water temperature that was sometimes below 20°C because of the strong offshore winds that blew during our time there. Nicaragua is certainly a year-round surfing heaven!

Like in Costa Rica, the country is also suffering from serious “El Nino” drought, and we experienced some water shortages as the dwells were running low… But it seems that Nicaragua is tackling some of the global warming challenges through water pipes construction (from the Nicaragua lake) and carbon neutral energy with many wind turbines newly installed on the wind exposed south-west part of the lake.

Overall, it was a relaxing moment in the middle of nature, and we could spend a lot of time to think about family’s projects when we will be back home…

Nest stop: Nicaragua inland!

Nous avons passé quelques jours dans le sud du Nicaragua vers San Juan del Sur à playa Marsella, où nous étions logés dans une petite cabane au bord de la mer au milieu des arbres… avec un réveil matinal par les singes hurleurs et les oiseaux.  Nous avons pu observer les familles de singe hurleur. Un endroit paisible propice à la réflexion… et aux bonnes idées!

Jade enjoying the sunset

Costa Rica – The Video

A month in Costa Rica with endless beaches discoveries, magic sunsets, unforgettable jungle hikes, perfect surfing, and hardcore kiteboarding…

Here is the video of this first part of our Costa Rica visit.

Now we are off to Nicaragua, and back in Costa Rica in 3 weeks to further explore the south of the country.