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NZ South Island from the sky

We had many opportunities to see the South Island of NZ from the sky, either by paragliding in the mountains of Queenstown and Wanaka, or by flying the drone where it was aloud as NZ has tight restrictions in most of the national parks (where helicopters fly a bit too often to keep those spaces quiet)…

Here is a selection of some of the most beautiful shots from the sky that you will soon see in the video that we will publish (as soon as we have a chance to find a decent Internet connection to upload the 2 GN of video;-)


Family flight over Queenstown

Kids just cleared another challenge: flying and steering a paraglider!

After our stay in Wanaka, we went to Queenstown where we had great weather to let the kids fly. We have been flying all three one after another (Mom preferred to watch from the ground;-). Both Ulysses & Jade could take the commands to make their first smooth turns, and get into some tumbling with their instructors.

A great flight from Coronet Peak, sighting the lakes around Queenstown and the autumn colors of the surrounding mountains from above.

I had a few more flights, including good soaring in medium wind, to get something I started a loooong time ago: my paraglider pilot license (called PG2 here in NZ)!

Now heading to Fjordland.