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Australia Wild Islands – The Video

Well, it took a week to upload that video from India’s on & off Internet connection (thanks to the Monsoon), but hopefully you will appreciate watching it;-)

The video of our trip to Fraser island north of Brisbane, the largest sand island in the land and a beautiful piece of nature where the sand meets the forest and sea. Then Lady Elliot island, the most isolated island on the south of the Great Barrier Reef, with an incredible flight to get there, and mind blowing reef and marine life! Memories that the family will keep for a long time with lots of footage filmed from the sky!



Wild Fraser & Lady Elliot Islands

Brisbane was supposed to be the last stop of the Australian journey, but to leave on a wilder impression (we were still on the impression of an overcrowded coast), we decided to go to Fraser island, and then a surprise destination…

Fraser island was a short but intense experience. The ferry crossing from Hervey Bay allows to reach the world’s largest sand island, a sanctuary for wildlife… a 4WD! Indeed, it’s a popular destination for people how want to get into the wild by accessing remote beaches with a vehicle, which is needed because of the huge size of the island, more than 100 km long. There are plenty animals to watch in the sea and on the land, including the potentially dangerous Dingos (wild dogs, closer to wolves) which is normally preventing to go alone for hikes (which Delphine did).

I was lucky to finally get some wind for a good kitesurfing session in shallow waters and a beautiful scenery of forest and sand dunes ending into the sea. Kids could enjoy a short stay in the resort, getting some good food and playing in the pool: I guess they needed that;-)

After Fraser island, we went for a little surprise for the whole family. In the morning, I brought them to the small Hervey Bay airport, and everybody quickly understood we were off to an island. After an hour of a scenic flight over Fraser island and the beautiful sand formations that look a little bit like the “Cap Ferret” in France, we landed in Lady Elliot island, the most isolated island on the Great Barrier reef that you can only access through a private plane landing on a small strip of grass…. The trip to the island is already amazing, but visiting it was even more impressive. Perfect coral beaches without any waste, pure water hundred miles away from the shore, amazing live corals and marine wildlife, and of course sunset like nowhere else… Lady Elliot a Unesco World Heritage site, and it is really deserved as this place is really nature’s heaven, protected from pollution, with wildlife also carefully protected. The island is famous for diving and snorkeling, so we did: several snorkeling safaris where the guides take you to the spots where the marine life is most active at a given time, which allowed us to see huge manta rays (some were certainly beyond 5m wide), big schools of fish, many turtles… We only missed the dolphins that came early in the morning and didn’t come back when we were there, but overall, the island hold it’s promise of showing nature in a spectacular form! We really hope this place will be preserved from the massive coral bleaching that is happening on the rest of the Great Barrier reef, largely due to the rapid increase of water temperature (of course linked to global warning), even if this phenomenon can not totally be explained at this stage.

The 2 days spent on the island where really out of time, and we felt almost alone as the accommodation of the island was far from being full, a benefit of travelling off season. One of the highlights of this world tour!

Immediately after landing back in Hervey Bay, we drove overnight to Brisbane to take a looong journey to our next destination: India! See you there!

A video should come soon if we get a normal Internet connection!