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NZ South Island – The Video

What a roadtrip!

3000 kms around the south island, discovering some of the most stunning places: kayaking Abel Tasman, hiking Franz Josef Glaciers, flying over the mountains of Queenstown & Wanaka, exploring the fjords of Milford Sounds, watching the wildlife in the Otago & Banks peninsula, encountering whales in Kaikourai, and surfing world class Mangamanu bay waves!

Memories for a lifetime captured in this 20′ video!





New-Zealand road-trip south

We have been only 5 days in NZ, and it looks like it has been a month!

We had to be in the mountains of the south island around the 15th of April, so we have been racing south from Auckland to Wanaka, stopping in some known places and wherever nature was particularly beautiful, which is almost everywhere!

We started by visiting the Waitomo Caves where we could see amazing glowing worms that looked like the milky way in the dark, went to the southern tip of the north island to Wellington where took the ferry, stopped in the amazing Abel Tasman natural reserve where we could kayak, drove along the World Heritage Highway, crossing glaciers & deserted beaches, crossed the southern Alps and lakes to end up in Wanaka today…

In a nutshell: COMPLETELY AMAZING sceneries. In most countries in the world, you find some spots of domesticated nature in between urbanisations. Here in NZ, you find some rare urbanisations lost in untouched nature, everywhere.

Also, people are strikingly nice and welcoming. It’s probably the only place in the world where farmers leave fruits, veggies and honey on the side of the road with a little box to leave money.

We are all mesmerized and believe our long stay here (6 weeks total) will be a highlight of the Beautiful World Tour.

We survived almost a week in the camping car and will now start some new (flying) adventures!