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The End!

This is it! The Beautiful World Tour is over!

Coming back was as intense as the whole year around the world to fulfill our family dreams. We saw our good friends. Kids met with their friends too. We saw our close family members. We reconnected with the “normal life”, getting ready to get back to work and school, which is actually a real joy. In fact, that year vanished in a finger snap!

On my (crazy) side, I could also fulfill the last two dreams I had on my list for this very special year: becoming an airplane pilot and a sky diver: check (I promise I will compensate those carbon emissions too;-)!

Here is the last photo album of our life journey!

And the last video, a pure adrenaline shot, looking at home from above and at 200 km/h! A great way to finish this very emotional journey with an experience to keep me young at heart: #forever20andtrippin’!

Tomorrow, we will all start our new life. The Corporate life for me (a big thank to my company for letting me go for a year), a new school for kids, and Naturespath consultations for Delphine… with many friends and family members around us.

One dream finishes with so many good memories. Another one starts.




Back home – we made it!

This is it!

One year and 5 days later, we are back to our home sweet home in Carry-le-Rouet after a once in a lifetime family adventure around the World.

IMG_1355When we flew over Marseille, the whole family got quite emotional as we were a few minutes away from landing. After seeing so much beautiful sceneries around the world, it was striking to recognize that we actually live in a beautiful part of the planet!

Our little house did not change much, even if the garden did grow a lot (and died in some areas;-), but it feels very special to find our “house of love” intact and filled with those good memories. It’s so weird to drop our 130 kilos of luggage once for all!

First thing the kids did: run down the street to meet their friends!

Here are some funny stats for the Beautiful World Tour:

  • 370 days around the world
  • 15 countries and islands visited
  • 44000 kms by plane
  • 15000 kms by car & campervan (2 cars and 1 campervan broken)
  • 2000 nautical miles by boat
  • 1 broken campervan & 1 car accident (minor)
  • 130 kilos of luggages that made it back (minus 3 boards broken on the way;-)
  • 80 days of class for the kids
  • 100+ books read
  • 150+ different animals seen (as counted by Ulysses)
  • 10 hours of video produced & 10000 pictures taken
  • and of course countless memories!

We had this dream 2 years ago, and the map was still there on the wall to remember us the initial idea, the plan, and what we finally achieved (not exactly the plan like always;-)


Now, we are back with many unforgettable memories, new dreams for the future, and great family bonding forever!

There will probably be a few more posts to digest and reflect on the experience. Stay tuned.

We did it, and we are so happy to be back home!


The Rosier – Stuhlen family