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The Worldtour truth by Jade

Things are not as perfect as they look on this blog…

Jade wanted to re-establish the truth by telling how it is to live for 2 months in a small campervan.

Not so glamorous, but that’s part of travelling around the world as a family;-)


We are in New-Zealand!

After a nightmare of 40 hours of travel that included many surprises on the way (unexpected stop-over in Brisbane, baggages locked into a storage right before the closing of the flight to NZ…), we finally made it to New-Zealand!

We picked-up our new home for the next 2 months: the biggest campervan we could find, which is… SMALL!

We could not fit all luggages into the campervan, so we had to negotiate to leave as much as we could in Auckland! Such a tiny place (to our standards) requires certainly another level of organization. Despite the 2 tables available within, we fear that the next classes might be a bit rock’n roll, and maintaining minimum vital space for each member of the family will be a challenge;-)

Nevermind, we are on the road again, heading south to the mountain and glaciers around Queenstown on the south island where we will start our next adventures in the mountains!