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Australia Road Trip – The Video

4000 kms road trip from Melbourne to Noosa Bay, discovering beautiful nature, from cold Tasman sea climate to tropical bays north of Brisbane. Long roads, many hikes in natural parks, theme parks, surfing… and loooong moments stuck in the campervan practicing survival skills!

This is our Australian road-trip story.


Gold & Sunshine Coasts

After weeks of bad weather, we finally did catch some sun on the Gold and Sunshine coasts of Australia, even if we didn’t get completely lucky either.

A sign that we did indeed had bad weather so far, was to hear on the news the south of Australia being flooded, with Tasmania having the worst floods ever. Needless to say that we had some “survival moments” in the campervan, locked in it several days in a row waiting for the rain to stop;-(

The first stop was Lennox Head, the most famous right-hander surf spot where I could catch the end of a nice swell, but it was crowded like hell with hungry Aussies… and sharks as surfers had to exit the break the second day because of two great white sharks and one bouldog shark (two of the most dangerous species) spotted that day! Next was beautiful Byron Bay that is a surfer beginners paradise with a perfect point break where Jade and I had great fun: I even took a loooong wave with a dozen of Dolphins jumping around me under a red sunset: memories for a lifetime!

We then headed to Brisbane for a surprise for the kids: Dreamworld theme & water parks, where kids had unlimited fun for two days in a row;-)

Last stop on this part of the coast was Noosa Bay, that was both rainy, stormy, beautiful… and bloody crowded: parking was a real mission to access the natural park and surf spots. Despite a good swell, waves were so-so because of the strong winds, but I could still get two OK sessions at famous Tea Tree and other Noosa points with solid but blown-out waves.

Overall, despite some great beaches and surf cities, we found that the Gold & Sunshine coast are a bit over-rated… We constantly felt the crowd pressure, both on land and in the water where at every singles moment you had hundreds of people on the beach and in the water… Difficult to find calm in nature like we have constantly found before!

That’s almost it for Australia, but there is still a (wild) surprise coming for the family, hopefully for a nice “happy ending” of this challenging part of our world tour!

Here is the photo gallery!