We are in Nicaragua!

We arrived in Nicaragua that is like most people said: like Costa Rica 30 years ago, which we like a lot!

It’s “roots”, the beaches are beautiful, and the people are of course very nice. Clearly, the “chill vibe” is everywhere. Distances are long, time goes slow, but why would you hurry?

Our first stop was in San Juan del Sur, a nice hippy village surrounded by nature and beautiful beaches like the below (Majagual, Marsella…). This is where we could celebrate Ulysses 12th birthday… time flies, probably even more while you are on the road!

During the 3 weeks there, we will explore the coast, go to the famous Granada ancient colonial city, as well as to Isla de Ometepe that is in fact 2 volcanoes…

Stay tuned…

Majagual Beach
Can’t get bored of the Nicaraguan sunset
Our simple Cabanas right onto the beach
Ulysses birthday: he is 12 yo now!