Kiteboarding Costa Rica

I knew the north of Costa Rica was windy, but not to this point.

Bahia Salinas in known for being the windiest place in Central America. This year, it was the windiest place on earth. During our 5 days stay, the wind never went below 40 knots, often nuking above 50 knots with stones flying on the beach and smoke on the water;-(

To get a chance to ride (survive), I had to borrow Ulysses tiny 7m kite and wait for the afternoon when the wind usually dropped around 40 knots… A real stretch for the body with some painful crashes: I might be to old for that!

You can have a look at the below video at 15′ to witness the mayhem.

And here are a few shots from the video…

Costa Rica movie3
50 knots+ = smoke on the water
Costa Rica movie6
leg stretching
Costa Rica movie7
fly over the rocks
Costa Rica movie8
12m+ jump

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